Project management

The strength of Kevin Parker inc. is without doubt, their attention to quality and personalised client service. Each project is taken to heart, supervised, calculated always executed with great care. When it comes to your project, Kevin, Jean and Nathalie will accompany you from beginning to end, in all choices and decisions. Economy, look durability, maintenance, all will be considered in your project. Over the years they have proved their competence, time and time again. It's their honour to realise your projects from A to Z, offering a no hassle and ready to enjoy customised landscape.

Kevin Parker inc. takes special pride in offering their planting and gardening maintenance services. The team comprised of, Nathalie and her team will delicately care for your gardens. With their slight of hand, they will create a vibrant and colourful landscape. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Architectural planning

Always looking for the ideal landscape design, Kevin Parker inc. will propose an archictectural planning, personalised with the aid of a professional. This precious and time saving tool is available on demand. The project will become concise and clear, for both customer and landscaping team.


Kevin Parker inc. offers a complete service, including all necessary equipment. Excavators, pay loaders, back hoe's, trucks… always available for use.

Automatic watering system

To reach the excellence in Landscaping, other elements like automatic watering system and lightscaping, are important to consider. In order to keep the gardens healthy all season long, the automatic watering system is essential. The professional watering systems are installed with discretion on the land and are really simple to use. The teams that we hire, knowing how important it is to be meticulous on our projects.

Outdoor lighting

Would you like to be able to enjoy your landscaping after the sunset ? If so, outdoor lighting systems would enable you to walk around safely on stone steps and paths or just to comtemplate your beautiful land from the inside the house. Outdoor lighting systems bring a completely new perspective of your landscaping. You think you like your back yard ? You’ll love it.

Tennis Court and outdoor games area

Since we have partnership with P.C. Court, we can offer a variety of different surfaces. All clients are different and it's always a pleasure for us to find something that will meet every single expectation they might have. The outdoor games  areas are increasingly popular. It’s simple to integrate these kind of constructions in a whole landscaping project when everything is planned with a team of professional